Our Team Welcome to Hostal Iquique

A Bit of History


Hostal Iquique has been operating since 1992, when we had just 10 rooms. Today we have more than 33 and expect to continue growing. Over the years we have served hundreds of tourists, and we offer to our new visitors everything we've learned.

We believe we are part of your overall experience in Peru; that is why we strive for you have the best impression on us and our country.

Together our team adds over 85 years of experience serving foreign tourists. We take pride in the cleanliness and quality of service of our team, but above all, in its contribution in building a warm and friendly environment for our visitors.


Mission and Vision

VISION: In 20 years, to be present at all the major tourist cities of Peru, positioning ourselves as the leading lodging option within the category.

MISSION: To provide the most convenient hosting service to our visitors in terms of hospitality, customer service and safety, in a friendly and honest environment, taking into account that we are part of the overall experience of our visitors in our country; and therefore, we must contribute to their Peru’s impressions.

Hostal Iquique- Convenient & Friendly

Comfortable environment

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